800W Paint Sprayer
800W Paint Sprayer
800W Paint Sprayer
800W Paint Sprayer
800W Paint Sprayer
800W Paint Sprayer
800W Paint Sprayer

800W Paint Sprayer

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800W Paint Station

Arm yourself with the  paint station and spray your way to success. This model is made with you in mind, designed to make the whole process faster and easier – and the results immaculate.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for all kinds of materials, you could paint your walls, decking, radiators, ceilings and more. In fact, one you discover how easy it is with this clever paint gun, you’ll have no qualms in giving the whole house a lick of paint.

Fast Flow

Boasting a forceful 800W motor, the paint station delivers a strong continuous flow of 1100ml per minute.

The flow rate is adjustable, so if your project requires a gentler coating, simply twist the nozzle to reduce the flow volume.

The large 1200ml cup capacity contributes to painting speed by reducing the need for frequent refills.

This machine can flawlessly spray thick paints up to 70 Din-S viscosity.

Spray Pattern – the spray pattern shape is adjusted by rotating the spray pattern adjuster to either the vertical, horizontal or diagonal positions.
Diagonal – this setting will disperse a nummular spray pattern which creates an even spherical shape for large, wide surfaces.
Vertical – the vertical setting will disperse a horizontal coating for wide, but small surface areas.
Horizontal – the horizontal setting will disperse a vertical coating ideal for long/tall surface areas which aren’t very wide.

When it comes to cleaning and storage, the spray gun is simple to dismantle and comes with cleaning accessories to make it an easy clean-up operation.

Please note: Before spraying, the material being used may need to be thinned with solvent; as specified by the material manufacturer. Your instruction manual comes with full guidelines on how to do this.


1 X Shoulder Strap

1 X Viscosity measuring cup

1 X Nozzle cleaning needle

1 X Pipe cleaner


Voltage: 220 – 240V

Power: 800W

Water Flow Rate: 1100ml/min

Max. Viscosity: 70DIN-s

Nozzle Size: 2.5mm

Air Pressure: 0.1-0.3 Bar

Paint Cup Capacity: 1200ml



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