Petrol Post Driver
Petrol Post Driver
Petrol Post Driver
Petrol Post Driver
Petrol Post Driver
Petrol Post Driver
Petrol Post Driver
Petrol Post Driver

Petrol Post Driver

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This heavy duty and easy to use  2-stroke Petrol Post Driver has a high impact hammer action of 1700 BPM, to knock posts, stakes or pegs into the ground within a matter of seconds - making it the perfect choice for driving posts, fencing posts, signs and tree stakes among other items. The attachment accommodates up to 65mm ⌀ posts.

Forget back breaking work manually hammering and knocking fence posts into the ground, this portable and powerful tool has a 32.7cc engine and comes with two attachments, a jack hammer; to break concrete, rock and clay, plus a chisel; to carve wood or stone.

2-Stroke Petrol Post Driver

  • 900W, 2 Stroke, 32.7cc, single cylinder engine
  • Includes jack hammer & chisel attachments – interchange with Allen key assembly
  • Lightweight design with two handles to allow for simple user operation
  • Main front facing handle & adjustable support handle
  • FREE tool kit for assembly & tube of grease to maintain the post driver
  • CE Approved
  • Includes our 12 month warranty


  • Weight: 14.7kg
  • Dimensions of Post Driver: 568mm L x 280mm W x 375mm H
  • Dimensions of Driver with attachment: 603mm L x 280mm W x 375mm H
  • Attachment diameter: up to 65mm ⌀
  • Fuel: Oil Mix: 40:1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.9L
  • Max Power & Speed: 900W (1.2HP) 6500 rpm
  • Max Torque & Speed: 1.45N.m 5000 rpm
  • Engine: 32.7cc – Single Cylinder - 2 Stroke
  • Fuel Consumption Rate: ≤ 0.5L/h
  • Impact Frequency: 1700~2230 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 25-45J
  • Carburettor Type: Diaphragm 1 E36F-2A.1
  • Spark Plug Type: L6T


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