T-Mech Paddle Mixer
T-Mech Paddle Mixer
T-Mech Paddle Mixer
T-Mech Paddle Mixer
T-Mech Paddle Mixer
T-Mech Paddle Mixer
T-Mech Paddle Mixer
T-Mech Paddle Mixer

T-Mech Paddle Mixer

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Whether you’re plastering or laying flooring and tiles, save yourself time and energy with a T-Mech Paddle Mixer from MonsterShop. The powerful 1600W motor turns the helical paddle to give you an even mix of plaster, fillers, paint, adhesives and much more.

Use the soft start function to ensure you don’t splash mix everywhere then get up to the perfect speed with the variable speed dial. You can then keep the mixing party going by securing the power switch in the turned on position with the lock-on button.

Plaster Stirring, Paint Whisking, Paddle Mixer

  • Slow down or speed up the paddle using the variable speed control
  • Super powerful 1600W motor
  • Use the variable speed dial to slow down or speed up the mixing
  • Soft start helps to prevent splashing the mix everywhere
  • Hold the power switch in place with the lock-on button
  • Includes one pair of carbon brushes and spanners
  • No load speed of 180-700rpm
  • Lightweight body is easy to move between jobs
  • Mains powered with a 13A UK 3 pin plug

Get yourself in the mix, serious DIY-ers and professional trades people this lightweight paddle mixer is perfect for you and great for mixing building materials in buckets and small containers - plus it comes with the following built-in features:

Consistent speed – electric controller helps the speed to remain consistent throughout use to make sure materials are mixed effectively

Electric overload protection – protects the motor against damage when trying to mix a large amount of materials, if the mix is too much for the motor it will stop and only start again when the load is reduced.

Temperature overload protection – protects the motor from overheating when it has been used continuously for a long period of time. If the motor reaches a high temperature it will stop working, leave the machine to cool down for approximately 5 minutes before starting again and ensure the ventilation grilles are not blocked.


  • Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz
  • Power: 1600W
  • No load speed: 180-700 (min)
  • Dimensions: Length of Entire Paddle Mixer: 79cm / Motor Housing & Handle - 33cm W x 24.5 cm H x 19cm D / Length of Entire Paddle: 54.5cm / Length of Helical Section: 16.5cm / Diameter of Helical Section: 14cm


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