Wet Sharpener 230V
Wet Sharpener 230V
Wet Sharpener 230V
Wet Sharpener 230V
Wet Sharpener 230V

Wet Sharpener 230V

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Create ultra-sharp and refined edges with our wet sharpening system from T-Mech. Offering a distinct advantage over dry sharpeners, this machine uses an abrasive wheel and water-cooling action to sharpen all your tools, including items such as knives and axes.

Maintain optimum wheel speed and resuscitate your inactive and lifeless tools! The heavy-duty wheel and FREE oil stone enable the user to refine and sharpen any blade to perfection. Use the leather stropping wheel for the perfect finish and polish off your tools using the FREE tube of metal polish. For your ease and convenience, an angle guide and grinding jig is included for a more precise sharpening experience.

It’s a must for every workshop, garage or business!

Product Features:

    • The T-Mech Wet Sharpener boasts a powerful grinding wheel for sharpening your tools.
    • FREE oil stone for refining your tool’s edges.
    • FREE metal polish for polishing your tools using the leather wheel.
    • The angle guide and grinding jig allow for more accurate sharpening.
    • Two mounting positions for universal support.
    • Adjustable water reservoir for the optimum sharpening system.



      • Grinding Wheel Material: Aluminium Oxide
      • Stropping Wheel Material: ABS/Leather
      • Speed: 90RPM
      • Motor Power Input: 200W
      • Voltage: 230V
      • Weight: 18.5 kg


Grinding Wheel Dimensions:

        • Diameter: 25 cm / 250 mm / 9.84“
        • Width: 5 cm / 50 mm / 1.97“


Stropping Wheel Dimensions:

          • Diameter: 20 cm / 200 mm / 7.87“
          • Width: 3 cm / 30 mm / 1.18“



          • 1 x Wet Sharpener
          • 1 x Wet Sharpener
          • 1 x Metal Polish
          • 1 x Oil Stone
          • 1 x Instruction Manual


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